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([personal profile] csmccreary Jun. 30th, 2013 05:04 pm)
As most of the real world now knows. I'm expecting and due in mid-November. From the ultrasound last week it seems to be a girl. So, I may get to add another strong, smart and independent girl geek to the world.

Moving in the first trimester with little energy and sometimes being queasy until 1pm wasn't much fun, or very efficient. At least I have energy back now and have been able to do the sorting I didn't on the leaving end. Nothing much got forgotten in the move or trip home, or at least nothing too important. Of course now I have to deal with buying baby things when the base's selection here is below abysmal.

My parents are excited this being their first grandchild, although it took a bit for the news to sink in. Jedi's family, as you can imagine, are all thrilled about the good news.


csmccreary: hachimangu, Kamarkura, Japan (Default)

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